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Black and Gold Wallpaper

Black is back in the world of interior design with the heavy usage of black and gold wallpapers in Melbourne. Black has always been a tricky choice for walls because it can add a lot of drama to the room. Moreover, a black wall needs to be styled correctly to enhance its overall look and not everyone is ready to take that challenge! Well, Deco & Co. has you covered with a wide range of black and gold wallpaper designs in Melbourne.

Black and gold is a royal combination and makes for a statement look. Black and gold wallpapers have to be chosen carefully as per the room size. Black has a tendency to overpower the space in the room and might make the room look smaller but with the addition of gold patterns and designs, this can be easily avoided. At Deco & Co., we have created a range of black and gold wallpapers in Melbourne that are balanced, sophisticated, and modern. Our designs are conceptualised by our designers to make sure they enhance the look and feel of your space effortlessly. Right from geometric designs in black and gold to floral patterns, we offer numerous wallpapers in this colour combination.


The best way to make the most out of the black and gold wallpaper is to add metallic finish décor elements. This wallpaper needs some focus when it comes to placing other aesthetics in the room! But fret not, our skilled team conducts a detailed on-site consultation to help with all things related to wallpaper! We make sure to assist you in selecting the best wallpaper for your space considering factors like the size of the room, the addition or presence of other elements in the room, the vibe of the room, and so on.

Black and gold wallpapers in Melbourne are now also preferred for kitchens, dining rooms, and bedrooms. These wallpapers can also be used to enhance one of the corners of the room to add that dash of luxury.

All our wallpapers including the black and gold range are made from premium quality materials which makes them long-lasting. We make sure all our clients get to experience a hassle-free wallpaper installation. Moreover, we also provide high-definition digital murals.

Contact our team today and get to know more about our wallpapers and installation services. Trust us, you are just a step away from giving your walls are makeover like never before!