Wallpaper installation cost in Melbourne

The type of wallpaper and type of wall will determine the installation cost.

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What is the wallpaper installation cost in Melbourne?


 How much does wallpapering cost? It depends on the type of wallpapering you purchase.  Wallpapering is generally more expensive than paint, but it adds character to a room paint alone cannot. You can wallpaper an entire room or use wallpaper on a feature wall. Either way, wallpapering is worth looking into. 

 The type of wallpaper will determine the cost of installation.  Another factor determining the cost of wallpaper installation is the type of wall. A straight wall (without windows or doors) will be cheaper than a wall with windows, doors and other inclusions. 

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How to measure a wall?

How to measure a wall, how to calculate square meter

 Wallpaperers in Melbourne and wallpaper installation cost in Melbourne.

What other diferent types of wallpaper do I have?

Types of wallpaper, woven, non-woven, paste the wall, paste the paper, vynil

 There are many different types of wallpaper which require different methods of installation. Some wallpaper is more difficult and time consuming to install than others, therefore the type of wallpaper you choose will determine the price of installation.  You can find out the type of wallpaper by looking at the instructions on the roll. The instructions will have either symbols or a written description of the wallpaper type.  Some of the most common types of wallpaper are:  

1. Non-woven wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is the easiest therefore the cheapest wallpaper to install. It requires glue to be applied directly to the wall. Some commonly used terms to describe non-woven wallpaper include- paste the wall or vinyl.

 2. Woven wallpaper. This type of wallpaper requires the glue to be applied to the paper and is the most time consuming to install, therefore will be more costly to install. Some commonly used terms to describe woven wallpaper include- Sea grass, grasscloth, unpasted paper or paperback vinyl.  

What is self-adhesive Wallpaper?

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3.  Self adhesive wallpaper. This type of wallpaper comes with an adhesive already applied to the paper. The wallpaper is then soaked in water to activate the adhesive prior to installation. Alternatively, the wallpaper may have a peel off backing before sticking to the wall without the need for soaking. Some other commonly used terms to describe self adhesive wallpaper include pre-pasted or peel and stick.