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Friends Wallpaper

Homeowners now want one-of-a-kind wallpaper for their homes. In addition to floral, geometric, and city backdrop wallpapers, people have now started opting for friends’ wallpapers in Melbourne. Wallpapers have made a huge comeback in the world of interiors because they bring a lot of character to a space. Moreover, wallpapers are now available in all kinds of designs and patterns which makes them all the more preferable. With the help of wallpapers, it becomes easier to give each room a distinct vibe and style.

The latest addition to the trend of wallpapers is the friends’ wallpaper in Melbourne. These wallpapers are the best way to personalise a room and are often opted for guest rooms, kids’ rooms, parts of the living room, accent walls, and passages. A friends-themed wallpaper is usually a customised wallpaper that depicts the bond of friendship. This is not limited to pictures of your friends alone! These wallpapers include friendship quotes, silhouettes of friends posing against a backdrop, custom wallpaper of your favourite photograph with your pals, and much more.

At Deco & Co., we give our clients numerous wallpaper options for all kinds of spaces. Our wallpaper collection is known for its premium quality and durability. We see to it that all our clients get the right guidance from our team when it comes to wallpaper selection and order placement. To ensure our wallpapers give your space the desired look, we also conduct on-site consultations. Well, to make your wallpaper selection easier, here are a few things you must keep in mind.


  • Consider the purpose of the room

Different wallpapers are suitable for different rooms. For instance, bedroom wallpaper can be pastel and floral whereas living room wallpaper can have some contrasting colours to set the dining and sitting areas apart.

  • Consider the presence of natural light

Choose the wallpaper colour and design as per the presence of natural light. A room that has minimal natural light should not have dark-coloured wallpaper because it will make the room look darker.

  • Choose the wallpaper design that complements the room’s aesthetics

The wallpaper design must be in sync with your room furniture and décor elements. If your room has a contemporary décor then opt for a wallpaper design that is new-age. There has to be a balance between the wallpaper design and the aesthetics of your room.

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