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Lining Paper in Melbourne

When it comes to home and office décor people only care about the design and pattern of the wallpapers. Lining paper often gets overlooked in the process but is equally important. Lining paper in Melbourne serves as a base for wallpaper installation and gives a smooth finish to the wall. Lining paper prepares your wall for wallpaper installation and acts as a wall cover to ensure the wallpaper fits the wall without errors like bumps and cracks.

At Deco & Co., we understand the importance of lining paper in Melbourne. Apart from a wide range of wallpapers with different themes and designs, we also offer quality-oriented lining paper in Melbourne. Our lining papers are made from premium quality materials to ensure the hassle-free application of wallpapers. Our team will also guide you on the importance and installation of lining paper. Having said that, here are a few benefits of installing lining paper prior to wallpaper application.


  • Helps create an even base for wallpaper application

A wallpaper looks finished and polished only if it is installed properly. Lining paper helps create an even base for wallpaper application which gives the wallpaper a flawless look.

  • Lining paper reduces the risk of wallpaper shrinkage

Most people witness shrinkage in wallpapers which gives the wall an unfinished look. This happens when the wallpaper gets exposed to moisture. When the wallpaper absorbs moisture, it expands, and similarly, when it dries it shrinks. The lining paper absorbs most of the moisture and helps prevent shrinkage.

  • Helps prevent peeling of wallpapers

Wallpapers that are directly applied on the wall have a risk of peeling from the sides once they are dry. To fix this, the wallpaper must be reinstalled. Lining paper reduces the risk of wallpaper peeling and gives the wallpaper a long-lasting finish.

  • Keeps the wallpaper safe from stains

Walls often have stains and they get transferred to the wallpaper too. Installing a lining paper can help prevent this. The lining paper acts as a barrier and saves the wallpaper from stains which protects its finish.

Our wallpaper experts at Deco & Co. will also provide you with wallpaper installation services. We make sure all our clients get end-to-end services when it comes to wallpapers. From selection to installation, we help you with everything!

Contact us today and get the best lining wallpaper in Melbourne for your home and office space.