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Plain wallpapers in Melbourne

Wallpapers can transform any given space effortlessly. The wallpaper you choose dictates the vibe of the space and sets the foundation for the interiors. Wallpapers in plain colours in Melbourne are still widely chosen because they are classic, subtle, and easy to style. Not everyone likes to opt for bold prints and unique designs for their walls and this is where plain wallpapers come to the rescue.

At Deco & Co., we have a dedicated collection of wallpapers in plain colours in Melbourne. We have innumerable colour options in plain wallpapers that suit every space be it residential or commercial. Plain wallpapers give a sense of consistency to the overall space but choosing from a wide variety of colours is tough. Our team excels at giving all the customers end-to-end services for wallpapers. Right from the wallpaper selection process to the delivery and installation of the wallpapers, we are just a call away!

Our wallpapers in plain themes in Melbourne are made from high-quality materials so that your walls get nothing less than perfect. Plain wallpapers are widely preferred because they look timeless and blend with all kinds of furniture and interior styles. Be it contemporary or classic, a plain wallpaper can sync with every vibe.


Plain wallpapers can be used for living rooms, bedrooms, passages, guest rooms, kitchen areas, and meeting rooms too. However, one needs to be sure of the colour selection. Since plain wallpapers come without any prints or designs, it is necessary to choose the colour keeping in mind the space requirements. If you do not wish to opt for regular colours and shades, you can opt for trendy pastel hues or deep shades of purple, blue or pink. These unique colours can bring an essence of freshness to your space. Wallpapers in plain colours in Melbourne can also be used for quiet corners and feature walls.

Want to know more about plain wallpapers in Melbourne? Simply get in touch with us and give your space a dream makeover.