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Retro Wallpaper in Melbourne

If you are a lover of retro and vintage themes, then you must add the same to your home too. Retro wallpapers in Melbourne are highly trending because people want to add a slice from the past to their lives. Retro wallpapers will not only take you back in time but will also give your room a unique look.

Giving a retro touch to your home with the help of wallpapers is like adding a piece of history. These wallpapers will always remain a classic and give your room a vintage touch. We have a dedicated collection of retro wallpaper in Melbourne. Our retro wallpapers consist of everything from superhero wallpapers to vintage world map designs. One can never go wrong with retro wallpaper!

Clubbing retro wallpapers with vintage furniture and décor items is the best way to enhance a room. Choosing the right colour combinations is very crucial here! At Deco & Co., we have wallpaper experts who will assist you with wallpaper selection. We consider several factors such as the size of the room, the purpose of the room, the presence of natural light in the room and so on before suggesting wallpapers.


Retro wallpapers are known for having unique designs and patterns in bold and striking colours. This also makes them highly impactful. Opting for minimal furniture can also make your retro wallpaper stand out.

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