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Déco & Co. | 10 Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas You're Going to Love

10 Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas You’re Going to Love

When someone visits your house, the walls of your living or guest room is the first impression carved in the minds of visitors about your house. Yet, the most considerable area running across our houses that is usually neglected is the walls. We’re usually engaged in fabricating our furnishings and bases and tend to overlook the attractive methods in which our walls can lend a component of the style of a  room. If you’re seeking a strange way to design the breadths of your walls, go for these wallpaper ideas to groom up your home with Deco & Co.

  • Maynard Wallpaper 

Maynard Wallpaper is a traditional and timeless lined wallpaper with different varieties of thick stripes on it. The vertical stripes look well in both traditional and contemporary settings. In addition, the vertical repeat will give your walls the appearance of being taller.

  • Sebal Wallpaper 

On this wallpaper, beautiful chrysanthemum blossoms with exquisite metallic touches emerge. The big blossoms give a soothing touch to your wall, making it look classic. There are three colorways to choose from light, medium, and dark.

  • Flight Wallpaper

The flight wallpaper gives a retro look to your wall, with silhouetted birds soaring through a cloudless summer sky. The white color of the wallpaper gives a peaceful and charming vibe to the room.

  • Lotus Wallpaper

A painterly magnolia trailing wallpaper pattern with large width and carefully carved on a soft metallic background in a variety of colorways. The wallpaper gives a unique appearance to your wall and soothes the visitors’ minds.

  • Persico Wallpaper

On this wallpaper design, fascinating British birds at random intervals on a gravure printed background are imprinted, giving an appealing look to the wool. The wallpaper is best suited for bird lovers giving a classic look to their bedrooms.

  • Kienze Shimmer Wallpaper

Kienzle Shimmer Wallpaper is a wallpaper created by Kienzle. This beaded silhouette in three glittering metallic colorways, taken from Harlequin Momentum’s Kienzle design, gives this attractive wallpaper an expensive sense.

  • Coppice Wallpaper

This impressive wide-width wallpaper has been recolored and repainted with metallic highlights for the modern house, inspired by an early 1920s archival item. It is available in a variety of striking color combinations, which gives you plenty of colors to choose from.

  • Floreale Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper with painterly patterns of overblown peonies, foxgloves, and foliage in cheerful colorways gives an admiring impression to your room. The beautiful flowers with bright colors lighten up the room.

  • Anthriscus Wallpaper

Anthriscus Wallpaper is a gorgeous pattern that combines a deep navy color with contrasting copper metallic shapes bursts. This modern take on a classic design will bring a touch of elegance wherever it is used, as it explores the fascinating features of the Anthriscus plant.

  • Balance Wallpaper

This wallpaper’s tidy, graphic design, along with a streamlined color combination, gives it a contemporary feel while also taking inspiration from the Lagom lifestyle; “the right mix.” Create a focal wall with our made Graham & Brown paint exclusively, or display it on all four walls for a sleek aesthetic.

When selecting a wallpaper for your bedroom, it can be challenging to know where to begin, but picking a style that you like and is exciting to you is a fantastic place to begin. The ideal wallpaper for your bedroom is one that reflects your particular style while still being entirely functional. Select that’s durable and easy to cleanse while also reflecting your preferred design style, whether it’s floral, retro, modern, gradient, botanical, or aquatic. Deco & Co. Wallpaper offers all types of wallpapers as per the taste and preferences of all the customers. Get in touch with us to book an appealing and vibrant wallpaper giving an exquisite look to your walls and, simultaneously, your bedroom.

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