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7 Reasons You Should Switch To Using Wallpaper 

The use of wallpaper is not a recent development. If logically analysed, it goes back to the period of prehistory. The cave paintings that palaeolithic or mesolithic people engraved were the first vague ideas for wallpapers. Then came the advent of paper by the Chinese, which completely revolutionised the making and use of wallpapers. Its use was finely refined during the Renaissance period in and around Europe during the Mediaeval period. 

Today, with the advancement in technology and artificial intelligence, the use of wallpapers has increased significantly. Now, installing wallpaper in the house is not considered a luxury but a necessity. Wallpaper comes in a lot of varieties. Printed wallpapers, foil wallpapers, solid and wet vinyl wallpapers, flock wallpapers, mylar wallpapers, bamboo wallpapers, and fabric wallpapers. 

Recent studies have reported an increased preference for wallpapers over paints by people across the globe to decorate their walls and ceilings. 

Following are the few benefits of using wallpapers to decorate and design a house. A comparative approach with paints has been adopted to make the readers understand better.

  •  Durable and Last Longing

 Compared to the old ones, the recent wallpapers are made of materials that have increased durability and resistivity to environmental factors. This makes these wallpapers last longing. A qualitative wallpaper can last upto 15 years at a stretch. If kept with proper care, then last more than this. In contrast, the paint, on average, tends to fade away after every 3- 4 years.   

  • Cost-Effective in the Longer Run

Wallpapers are slightly more expensive than paints. If their installation cost is added to their principal price, the wallpaper will appear even costlier. But when their cost is analysed in the long term, the cost of wallpaper is comparatively very minimal. It is rather convincing to get the wallpaper installed rather than getting the walls repainted at atleast 3-to 4 times within 15 years. 

  • Hides Surface Imperfections                    

When painting uneven and imperfect walls, the irregularity and deformity of the wall get highlighted. This makes the house look untidy and largely unorganised. As a result, it gives a wrong impression about the house to the visitors and guests. 

In comparison, wallpaper enhances the look of a room or the complete house and hides any irregular surface or deformity of the wall itself. 

  •  Easy to Handle

Handling paints can be quite a challenge. To paint a wall, one must shift all the luxurious and expensive items to prevent them from getting damaged. At the same time, the furniture and flooring need to be covered entirely to save them from getting ruined.

In comparison, installing and removing wallpaper is easy and convenient. Modern tools and devices make handling a wallpaper even smoother and more secure. 

  • Moisture and Heat Resistant

With technology taking giant strides with every passing day, gone are the days when wallpapers were only confined to be used in bedrooms or guest rooms. Now one can use wallpapers at every corner of one’s house. 

The heavily coated solid and wet vinyl wallpapers, tiled wallpapers, and many others are heat, moisture, and even fire-resistant. This provides them with more durability and is easy to use in the house’s kitchen, bathroom, and exterior walls. Even the best quality paints fail to provide such safety and durability.

  • Minimal Maintenance Cost

As mentioned above, good quality wallpapers are long-lasting, and there is zero or very minimal maintenance that is required. Also, the features such as heat, moisture, stain, and fire resistivity act as icing on the cake. 

In comparison, the need to get a house repainted arises every four to five years. Before repainting, the faded paint is scrubbed out of the wall, the irregularities are covered with putty, and then the wall is repainted. Thus, the maintenance cost is high, and getting a house repainted is both physically and mentally demanding. 

  • Quickest Way to Transform a House 

Painting a wall is a long process that may at least take a week. Then again, it is left undisturbed for another week to dry up. In contrast, installing wallpaper takes a maximum of 3-4 hours. It gives a glossy finish to the house or the room in such a short time. 

Wallpapers are themed and set the house’s tone in a particular way. It is in this aspect that the paints fail to deliver the most. This makes wallpapers the preferred medium for decorating a room or a house. 


Paint is a good option for bringing the dull walls of your room or house to life. But nowhere can it beat the sophisticated statement a wallpaper makes about your house or room. 

 Nowadays, the new trend of painted wallpaper is spreading like wildfires in its applicability. Here, people get the best of both worlds. Painted wallpapers provide the feel of using wallpaper along with paint. While one part of the wall is painted to give the best of the textural effect, the other portion is meticulously covered with complementary wallpaper that can be changed anytime according to one’s preferences. 

Another revolution in this field is the growing trend of using digital mural wallpaper. This provides an individual with more customization options and improvisation to bring your ideas and dreams on paper. One can easily change the wallpapers monthly, quarterly, or yearly as per one’s budget. Here, one gets a wide range of freedom in choosing tailored and according-to-demand wallpapers.

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