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Blossom Wallpaper



Blossom Wallpaper is an interpretation of an old fashion floral, by artist Tiff Manuell. She says, it’s the kind you might find on your great grandmas couch or bedspread. This is a fresh but mellow floral wallpaper design with a neutral grey background.

The deep greens of the leaves contrast with the warm florals in golds, pale peaches and rusty oranges. It evokes a sense of history with a bridge to the modern home. The application of the acrylic paint is loose and often messy using a range of brush shapes to create the visual textures.

Designed as panels that are 129.6″ (330cm) high x 24″ (61.5cm) wide
Each roll comes with 3 panels.

  • ROLL DIMENSIONS – 24″ (61.5cm) x 32.5ft (9.9m)

  • PATTERN REPEAT – No Vertical Repeat / Repeats Horizontally Every 3 Panels

  • PATTERN MATCH – Straight Match

  • FINISH – Pre-trimmed Butt Join

  • CLEANABILITY – Washable

  • USAGE – Domestic & Commercial

This product is currently available for ONLINE purchase ONLY, and is not not currently available for viewing during home consultation. We look forward to stocking samples of this wallpaper for consultations in the future.


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Blossom Wallpaper