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Blue Moon Wallpaper



Blue Moon Wallpaper is a very mellow design inspired by the earth and sea, to evoke a sense of tranquility, where the ocean or river meets and layers over the land, both sand and soil. Tiff Manuell began the process of creating this abstract drip style painted piece with a heavier base of acrylic colors and thicker paint to give it weight. She used darker colours first to give it depth.  As colours are added they become lighter and slowly the paint thins to the point they become nearly transparent. This adds softness and lets the under textures and strokes form their own new hues.

Designed as panels that are 330cm high x 61.5cm wide. Each roll comes with 3 panels. When calculating the quantity required. Simply divide your wall width by the panel width. For example. 3.6m wide / 61.5cm = 5.8 drops ≈ 6 Panels: 2 Rolls.

  • ROLL DIMENSIONS – 24″ (61.5cm) x 32.5ft (9.9m)

  • PATTERN REPEAT – No Vertical Repeat / Repeats Horizontally Every 3 Panels

  • PATTERN MATCH – Straight Match

  • FINISH – Pre-trimmed Butt Join

  • CLEANABILITY – Washable

  • USAGE – Domestic & Commercial

This product is currently available for ONLINE purchase ONLY, and is not not currently available for viewing during home consultation. We look forward to stocking samples of this wallpaper for consultations in the future.


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Blue Moon Wallpaper